Boostin Performance / KDN Performance H-Pattern Mitsubishi Shifter Kits

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We’re proud to announce the release of our BP / KDN Performance Aftermarket H-Pattern Shifter & Upgraded Shifter Cables for 4G63 / 4B11 applications!

This shifter has 1st-2nd-1st "Money Shift" lockout protection as well as 2nd-3rd-2nd " Money Shift" lockout protection. This custom, fully adjustable H-Pattern Shifter is designed specifically for 1G & 2G Mitsubishi DSM’s, and Evolution 1-10.

Each kit includes a mounting plate that bolts into the factory location, making it a true bolt-in shifter kit. The cables are upgraded to larger diameter cables for a better feel, and more accurate shifting.

Our shifter assembly also allows the user to completely disengage the “Money Shift” lockouts and collar, for use when street-driving. With a flick of a switch, engage the lockouts for track use, and never have the headaches or costs involved in fixing your car after a “Money Shift.”

Every base kit includes:

  • Complete H-Pattern Shifter Assembly
  • Application specific bolt-in mounting plate
  • Larger, stronger, upgraded shifter cables
  • Includes adjustable lock out collar for the 1-2 gate position, and 5-R gate position. This allows the user to protect against a 2nd - 3rd - 2nd “Money Shift.”

Additional Options:

  • 1st - 2nd - 1st "Money Shift" Lock Out
  • Shift Cut Knob
  • FuelTech Strain Gauge Shift Knob
  • Staging Brake Kit
  • Steel Shifter Arm
  • Air Shift (Coming Soon)

KDN Performance staging brake assemblies provide a lightweight, high-leverage component for drift cars drag, and rally cars or any application where hand-actuation or one or more brake calipers is employed. Get your's today! Staging Brake


Kit includes:

  • Wilwood Base
  • Wilwood GS Compact Master Cylinder; .62" Bore
  • All Necessary Hardware to mount to base plate


Steel Shifter Arm Option:

Each H-Pattern Shifter Kit includes a strong, but lightweight aluminum shifter arm, which is designed to position the standard shift knob so that is comfortable and functional for both street and race applications. We found that when using a strain gauge shift knob, such as the FuelTech Strain Gauge Shift Knob, the knob becomes positioned too high when using it in conjunction with our standard aluminum shifter arm. To overcome this for those using a strain gauge setup, we are now offering a steel shifter arm option that is 1.5" shorter than our standard aluminum piece. The arm is made of hardened steel due to the reduction in leverage over the standard arm and retains the 2-3-2 & 5/R lockout function. Please be sure to select this option from the drop-down menu when placing your order

A complete comprehensive installation video series can be found on our YouTube channel!

(Part 1) Boostin / KDN Shifter Kit Installation - 1G/2G DSM & Mitsubishi Evolution 1-9

(Part 2) Boostin / KDN Shifter Kit Installation - 1G/2G DSM & Mitsubishi Evolution 1-9


(Part 3) Boostin / KDN Mitsubishi Shifter Lockouts / Money Shift Protection Adjustments & Options

**Feel free to email us at for more interior photos of the shifter installed**

***Sales are final. No refunds / exchanges as this is a special order item.***

For those who already have our proven H-pattern Shifter Kit installed, you can order the Staging Brake Kit HERE