About Us


Since 2011, Boostin Performance has provided customers with dedicated service and automotive excellence in the field of turbocharged sport compact and import performance. We are a family-owned and operated company built with passion, focused on providing excellent customer service, and a strong history of race-winning experience.


Our values, technical knowledge and tried-and-true tuning methodologies allow us to compete with some of the largest shops in the nation, yet we remain fully focused on our grassroots principles and support for the racing community. It doesn't matter if you are new to the sport, a casual driving enthusiast or a die-hard racer - our undying love for the sport, people and culture goes into every product, service and build we offer!


With the help of a friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated staff, owners Devin and Kristin Schultz still remain fully committed to the Boostin brand through personalized care. While Kristin takes full charge of operations and much of the product and track testing on platforms like the R35 and 4G63 Evo's, Devin performs all of the tuning for all of the platforms at Boostin while taking a hands-on approach in the break-down, assembly and installations for each build. These are the important added values you will find at Boostin' Performance.


We take great pride in the quality of our work and services offered to our customers. We strive to ensure that each customer experiences the same level of professionalism and courtesy that we would expect as a customer ourselves. We guarantee that all recommendations/suggestions are in accordance with your build or horsepower goals. Our goal is to assist you in obtaining the results that you want, with the budget that you can afford.


Our Services


• Custom Engine Builds
• Evo 8/9/X 5-speed Manual Transmission Rebuilds
• R35 GT-R Transmission Upgrades
• Transfer Case Upgrades / Service
• Boost Controller Installations
• Gauge Installations


• Cylinder Head & Short Block Packages
• Head Gasket Replacements
• Head Stud Installation
• Valve Train Upgrades
• Timing Belt / Timing Chain / Timing Component Replacements



• 15K, 30K, 60K, 90K Complete Services
• Brake Pad, Rotor, Caliper Replacement / Upgrades
• Clutch Replacements & Flywheel Resurfacing
• Exhaust Installations
• Coilover / Spring Installation
• Fluid Flushes



• Drivetrain Upgrades
• Turbocharger Swaps
• Front Mount Intercooler Kit / Intercooler Piping Installation
• Intake / Exhaust Manifold Upgrades
• Injector Replacement / Injector O-ring Replacement
• Fuel Pump Upgrades / Double Pumper Installation / Fuel Filter Replacements


• Corner Balancing & Race Spec Alignments
• Custom Fabrication / Welding
• Injector Cleaning Service
• Powder & Ceramic Coating Service
• Porting Services - Cylinder Heads, Turbo / Turbo Inlets, Manifolds



• Custom Pro Tuning

• SST Transmission Tuning

• Dyno Pulls

"I recently had my 1g dsm in at Boostin for a return as I switched turbos. Cisco and everyone up front were great in getting everything ready and keeping me updated on everything. Devin gave me a great tune, as he does every time I've been in. Great shop, would recommend to anyone!"

 - Trevor

"I just bought a 2005 Evo 8. Figured id bring it by for them to do a vehicle inspection and fluid swap. Good thing they recommended a boost leak check because there was one and they took care of it in a very timely manner. Everyone was very nice and helpful answering any and all questions that I had. I will be back ASAP for a tune and more services down the road. Thanks again for everything."

 - matt murphy

"Boostin Performance is a great place to take your ride, when you're looking for that peak power that you've been waiting for. Devin an his team took great care of my Galant VR4, an definitely gave it the added boost that it had been craving for!! Even during the inspection of the car, they pointed out key items that needed some tweaking and definitely made the car feel as if it was brand new. Thanks to Boostin Performance, I could never get enough of the vr4 power!"

 - Justin feliciano

"Well all I can say is that I had a great experience today at boostin performance Cisco and Devin took care off me and my car today I am really happy with the results it's like I have a completely different car I'm very happy I am definitely going back and I will definitely recommend it to anybody Devin is an awesome tuner I can't wait to go back for my E85 tune"

 - Juan Gomez