Boostin Performance ARP L19 Custom Main Stud Kit (4G63/4G64)

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These ARP Main Studs are custom-made from Premium L19 steel. L19 is a very high strength material when compared to the standard ARP2000 or 8740. Where the standard ARP Main Studs starts to become an issue, (800+ WHP) these L19 Main Studs become the solution. In the Red Demon (2G DSM) and Mr.Boost (Evo 8), we were having to retorque the standard ARP 2000 Main Studs after every 2-3 passes (1200whp range).

With a higher torque value of 75 ft/lbs, we recommend that your block be line honed after installation of this kit.

Each kit Includes:
  • (10) ARP L19 Main Studs
  • (10) larger diameter washers
  • (10) nuts
  • ARP Engine Assembly Lube
  • Installation Instructions for your machinist/machine shop/installer.