**Boostin Performance 1990-99 DSM & Evo 1-3 Manual Transmission Billet Bearing Housing** (DSM/Evo 1-3)

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Sick of breaking 4th gear? Whether you're using OEM gears (Evo 3), Liberty's Gears Face Plated option, or an aftermarket gear-set like Pfitzner Performance Gearbox - PPG, our Billet Bearing Housing is a piece that everyone making power through a manual transmission can benefit from.

The OEM gears are getting expensive and hard to find......and PPG gear sets are not cheap either! Our Boostin Performance Manual Transmission Billet Bearing Housing is a great way to help protect your investment. 

Key Features:

  • Keeps the bearing pre-load consistent, even when the transmission case is under heavy load.
  • Keeps the shafts and gears in proper alignment under severe lateral load. (Like seen with helical gears)
  • Increases transmission case rigidity.
  • Will not break or crack the intermediate shaft bearing retainer, which is a weak point on the OEM unit. (See last 2 images)
  • Running helical gears? We recommend this at or above 500+WHP.
  • Running straight cut gears? We recommend this at or above 1,000+WHP.
  • Made in the USA from 7075 Billet Aluminum.
  • Plus, it looks badass!