Boostin Performance Fuel Injector Cleaning Service

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Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days

For those running E85 and ethanol based fuels, injector cleaning is a great way to ensure proper operation of your fuel injectors as well as help protect the longevity and reliability of your engine. E85 is corrosive to the fuel system and can result in buildup of gunk/debris on the injector tips. This buildup can cause issues with the vehicle if the injectors are not cleaned regularly, potentially resulting in catatrophic engine failure.

*Price is per injector. Please ensure you increase the quantity to match the number of injectors you will be sending in.

Once you have placed your order, please send out your injectors to the address on the "Contact Us" page, and be sure to include your phone number and/or email address.
Average turn around time is 1-2 business days from when we receive your injectors.
Additional fees may be added to your work order if O-rings are ripped, injectors are clogged and need multiple cycles to be cleaned, etc. We will be in contact if any additional charges apply, before shipping your injectors back as return shipping is not included in this total. (Expedited shipping is available upon request.)