Boost Logic Speed Density Kit (R35 GT-R)

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Boost Logic’s Plug & Play Speed Density Kit allows you to plug in their new harness which transfers the intake air temperature reading from the intake pipe to the upper intercooler pipe. This provides accurate temperature readings for a Speed Density based engine program.

In the path of bolt-on modifications, converting to a speed density tune is a key step for transforming your GTR into a high powered yet mild mannered street car. Installing this kit moves the intake air temperature sensor from the factory MAF Housing to the Boost Logic Upper Intercooler Pipes or factory upper pipes. The pipes that route to the Intake Manifold locate the flange where your current MAP Sensor is installed. (on the passenger side of car or also called Bank 1 is the one that is replaced).

The kit comes with a prewired, loomed, and plug & play harness along with a Nissan factory replacement sensor that has an upgraded IAT & MAP sensor combined so your data is accurate.