Boostin Performance 3.0L B58 Stage 3 Short Block (GR Supra)

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* Customer must supply good, usable engine core with a good, usable block and crankshaft. If a new block or crank is needed, core charges will apply.
** Boostin Performance Spec B58 Fire Ring Gasket Kit recommended. Option available in drop down menu and includes all necessary machine work.

Boostin Performance 3.0L B58 Stage 3 Short Block (A90 SUPRA) - 1500+HP Rating

The foundation of our Boostin Performance 3.0L B58 Short Block for the Toyota A90 Supra is a freshly decked and honed engine block. ARP Main Studs are installed and the mains are then line honed to exact specs. The rotating assembly is precisely balanced before its installed, which makes our short block capable of revving to 8K+ RPM, reliably.

Package Includes:

  • Labor to machine block/crank
  • Labor to tear down/assemble short block
  • BP Spec I-Beam Connecting Rods w/ 3/8" Bolts
  • BP Spec HD Custom Pistons w/ Upgraded Pins
  • Coated Rod Bearings
  • Coated Main Bearings
  • ARP Main Studs
  • Balanced and Blueprinted Rotating Assembly

***This packages does not include ANY shipping fees. Please contact us regarding shipping charges, as pricing will vary depending on location and if lift gate assistance is needed, etc