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  • Quick Fuel, Quickfuel, E85 Tester, E85, Test

    Quick Fuel E85 Tester

    These Quick Fuel E85 fuel testers will let you know exactly what you are pouring into your tank. They are designed to help you calibrate your air/fuel mixture. Using the testers takes only a few moments and they are simple to use. First, you add water up...

  • Motul Competition Gear 75W140 (R35 GT-R)

    Motul Competition Gear 75W140 (R35 GT-R)

    This is for one liter of Motul synthetic fluid for the front and rear limited slip differentials (LSDs) in your GT-R. You need 1.55 liter in the rear differential, and .65 in the front differential, for a total of 2.2 liters. So, you will need to buy 3...

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