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Boost Controller - AEM Boost Control Solenoid Boost Controller - FuelTech Boost Controller - Grimmspeed 3-port EBCS
Boost Control Solenoid Kit. Includes everything needs for quick installation. Multi stage Boost Controller with dual ramp per stage.
2 control solenoids included.
Electronic Boost Controller for your Evo 8/9/X.

Boost Controller - Hallman Pro RX Manual BCS ECU - Haltech 1000/1500 Mitsubishi Plug 'n' Play Adaptor Harness (DSM/Evo) ECU - Haltech 2000/2500 Mitsubishi Plug 'n' Play Adaptor Harness (DSM/Evo)
Manual Boost Controller for your DSM/Evo.
**Variety of color options available.
ECU - Haltech Elite 1000 ECU (DSM/Evo) ECU - Haltech Elite 1500 ECU (DSM/Evo) ECU - Haltech Elite 1500 Premium Universal Wire-in Harness (DSM/Evo)
ECU - Haltech Elite 2000 ECU (DSM/Evo) ECU - Haltech Elite 2500 ECU (DSM/Evo) ECU - Haltech Elite 2500 T ECU (DSM/Evo)
ECU - Haltech Elite 550 ECU (DSM/Evo) ECU - Haltech Elite 750 ECU (DSM/Evo) ECU - Haltech Elite 950 ECU (DSM/Evo)
ECU - Haltech Elite Race Expansion Module (REM) (DSM/Evo) ECU - Haltech iC-7 Color Display Dash (DSM/Evo) Engine Management - AEM 4-Channel Wideband Controller
AEM’s 4-Channel Wideband UEGO Controller is a must for anyone using an engine management system or data logger to monitor and/or tune individual cylinder AFR to for maximum engine performance and reliability.
Engine Management - AEM Infinity 6/8h EMS (Evo 8/9) Engine Management - AEM-EMS Series 2 (2G DSM/Evo 8) Flex Fuel Kit - AEM Flex Fuel Content Sensor Kit (DSM/Evo 8/9)
The Infinity-6 and Infinity-8h ECU is an affordable state-of-the-art engine control unit designed for four- and six-cylinder racing engines and racing engines with up to 8 cylinders that are using high-impedance injectors. Extensive research and development was put into designing the Infinity-6/8h to ensure that it delivers an unmatched price point for this level of engine control.  This does require the use of a Jumper Harness. AEM Series 2 Programmable Engine Management System (EMS) plugs directly into your 2G DSM's (95-99) or Evo 8 factory ECU harness and requires no additional wiring or hardware. Introducing AEM's new Flex Fuel Content Sensor Kit!  This sensor measures the fuel's ethanol content and temperature, which allows users with a programmable engine management system the ability to optimize and engine's tuning calibration for ethanol content.
Sensor - AEM Air Inlet Temperature Sensor Kit Sensor - AEM MAP Sensor Kit Sensor - AEM Wideband/O2 Replacement Sensor
AEM Air Inlet Temperature Sensor Kit AEM 3.5 Bar or 5 Bar MAP Sensor Kit. AEM Bosch Wideband/O2 Replacement Sensor.
Sensor - OEM Mitsubishi Knock Sensor  (Evo 8/9) Sensor - OEM Oxygen/O2  (Evo 8/9) Sensor - Omni 4 Bar MAP Sensor
Genuine OEM Mitsubishi Knock Sensor for the Evo 8/9. OEM Mitsubishi Oxygen Sensors for the Evo 8/9. Plug and Play upgraded 4 Bar MAP sensor.