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**Boostin Performance Ported Stock Intake Manifold** (R35 GT-R) Adapter - Torque Solution Billet Stock to HKS BOV (R35 GT-R) AMS / Alpha Performance Throttle Body Isolator Kit (R35 GT-R)
A Ported Stock GT-R Intake Manifold is the best way to keep your engine bay looking stock, while increasing airflow to the cylinder head.

Torque Solutions Billet Stock to HKS BOV adapter will allow you to fit an HKS SSQ or SSQV to your intercooler piping without any welding needed. Designed to correct vibrations that cause intermittent premature throttle body closing issues, the Alpha R35 GTR Throttle Body Isolators are a critical component for your high horsepower race car.
Battery Kit - Titan Motorsports Small Battery Kit (R35 GT-R) BOV - TurboSmart Dual Port BOV Kit (R35 GT-R) Cooling - Alpha Performance Cooling Kit (R35 GT-R)

Titan Motorsports Small Battery Kit for the R35 GT-R.

TurboSmart Blow Off Valve (BOV) Kit. Regardless of what type of performance modifications you have, hard driving or warm climates can cause your GTR to run hot. Prevent limp mode conditions and eliminate the possibility of catastrophic engine or transmission failure with an Alpha Cooling Kit.
Cooling - SPAL 13" 1710 CFM Fan (R35 GT-R) Fitting - Big End AN - 45 Degree Bend Fitting - Big End AN - 90 Degree Bend
SPAL 13" 1710 CFM Fan.  Avaialble in both a pusher or puller style. Big End Fitting; 45 Degree Bend. Big End Fitting; 90 Degree Bend.
Fitting - Big End AN - Cap Fitting - Big End AN - Straight Front Mount Intercooler - Alpha Performance "Race X" Front Mount Intercooler (R35 GT-R)
Big End Fitting; Cap Big End Straight Fitting. AMS designed the Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Race X FMIC upgrade to be the best performance 1,200+WHP Front Mount Intercooler on the market! This is the same FMIC that we use on our 7 second record holding shop R35 GT-R.
Front Mount Intercooler - Alpha Performance "Race" Front Mount Intercooler (R35 GT-R) Front Mount Intercooler - Alpha Performance (R35 GT-R) Front Mount Intercooler - CBRD V2 4.5" Thick (R35 GT-R)
If your GTR produces in excess of 900 horsepower or if you drive in a hot weather climate, the Alpha GTR Race Intercooler is your best option for producing power safely and efficiently. This direct bolt-on intercooler for your 2009+ GTR has over 75% more internal flow area than its stock counterpart, works with stock piping, and does not require any cutting or trimming! This is the larger 4.5" Thick Version of the CBRD V2 100% bolt in intercoolers - Offering slightly more Charge Cooling and Mass.
Front Mount Intercooler - ETS Race Intercooler (R35 GT-R) Front Mount Intercooler - ETS Street Intercooler (R35 GT-R) Front Mount Intercooler - ETS Super Race Intercooler (R35 GT-R)
This intercooler from ETS is a large, vertical flow kit for the GT-R. This allows for the exact same amount of surface area on both banks!  It is monstrous compared to the stock unit! The Extreme Turbo Systems GT-R intercooler is a direct bolt on upgrade for  your GT-R.  This intercooler features 36 charge rows.. That's 72 heat transfer  plates! This intercooler from ETS is the largest intercooler on the market for the R35 GT-R.  The tall vertical flow allows for the exact same amount of surface area on both banks.
Front Mount Intercooler - HKS R Type Intercoolers (R35 GT-R) Gasket - Nissan Intake Manifold Gaskets - R35 GTR Gasket - Nissan Intake Manifold Plenum Gasket - R35 GTR
Features two lightweight, large capacity cores and a carbon fiber air duct that greatly improves cooling efficiency. Genuine OEM Nissan factory replacement lower intake manifold gaskets fit all R35 GT-R models. Genuine OEM Nissan factory replacement intake manifold plenum gasket fits all R35 GT-R models. See images for exact placement.
Gasket - Nissan Intake Manifold Upper (Crossover) Gasket - R35 GTR Intake Manifold - Alpha Performance Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold (R35 GT-R) Intake Manifold - Boost Logic V2 Intake Manifold (R35 GT-R)
The Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold has been painstakingly designed by AMS to be the most efficient and power producing GT-R intake manifold on the market. The  Boost Logic VR38DETT Intake Manifold has been engineered to be the pinnacle of  performance among its competitors.  An increase in torque to broaden the power-band while achieving a  phenomenal horsepower gain under boost sets the Boost Logic Manifold apart from  the competition.
Intake Manifold - GReddy RX Intake Manifold (R35 GT-R) Intake System - Agency Power Short Ram (R35 GT-R) Intake System - Alpha Performance Carbon Fiber (R35 GT-R)
The GReddy RX Intake Manifold, engineered to equalize flow and improve efficiency, features a precision cast-Aluminum surge tank designed for maximum performance! Agency Power Short Ram Intake System Nissan Skyline R35 GTR 2009-2016. The Alpha R35 GT-R Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake was designed to draw a higher volume of cool air into the stock turbochargers while improving the metering capability of the factory Mass Airflow (MAF) sensors.
Intake System - Alpha Performance Intake & Intercooler Kit (R35 GT-R) Intake System - Boost Logic 3" Kit (R35 GT-R) Intake System - CBRD Speed Density (R35 GT-R)
By changing to a blow-through style MAF, the Alpha Performance Intake (Induction) Kit for your R35 GTR, eliminates the problems associated with running big power on a factory pull-through system. This kit is proven to well over 1800HP. The Boost Logic 3″ Intake Kit for the R35 GT-R allows your engine to breath the coldest air possible. Every intake is precision engineered in the USA to have the smoothest and straightest airflow possible. CBRD's Speed Density Intakes for the R35 GT-R.