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Bolt - OEM Mitsubishi Flywheel (DSM/Evo 8/9) BOV - OEM  (EVO 8/9) Clutch - OEM Clutch Master Cylinder (Evo 8/9)
BOV - OEM (EVO 8/9)
Our Price: $230.00
OEM Mitsubishi Flywheel Bolts.  (Priced individually) Mitsubishi OEM Blow-off Valve (BOV) for  the EVO 8/9 Mitsubishi OEM Clutch Master Cylinder - EVO 8/9
Clutch - OEM Evo Throw Out Bearing (Evo 8/9) Dipstick - OEM Mistubishi Oil (Evo 8/9) Dipstick - OEM Mitsubishi Tube (Evo 8/9)
OEM Evo Throw Out Bearing (Release Bearing).

OEM Mitsubishi Dipstick for the EVO 8/9 OEM Mitsubishi Dipstick tube for the EVO 8/9
Electrical - OEM Alternator (Evo 8/9) Filter - OEM Mitsubishi Oil (DSM/Evo 8/9/X) Fluid - OEM Mitsubishi Diaqueen MR Transmission Fluid (Evo 8/9)
OEM Mitsubishi Alternator for the EVO 8/9.  No need to send in a core! OEM oil filter for your Mitsubishi motor.

OEM Mitsubishi Diaqueen (75w-85) quarts for your 6-speed transmission.
Available in 1 gallon (3.79L) jug size only
Fuel Rail - OEM Spacer (DSM/Evo 8/9) Gasket -  OEM Thermostat (Evo 8/9) Gasket - Mitsubishi Oil Return Line Bolt (Evo 8/9)
OEM DSM/EVO Fuel Rail Spacer. Mitsubishi OEM Thermostat Gasket for the EVO 8/9. OEM Mitsubishi oil return line bolt gasket for the EVO 8/9
Gasket - OEM Downpipe Gasket (EVO 8/9) Gasket - OEM Front Case Gasket - OEM Mitsubishi Exhaust Manifold (DSM/Evo 8/9)
Gasket - OEM Front Case
Our Price: $20.39
Mitsubishi EVO 8/9 OEM Downpipe Gasket. Mitsubishi OEM Front Case Gasket for the 7-bolt DSM. OEM Mitsubishi Exhaust Manifold Gasket.
Gasket - OEM Mitsubishi Intake Manifold (Evo 8/9) Gasket - OEM Mitsubishi Turbo (Evo 8/9/X) Gasket - OEM Oil Return Line (DSM/Evo 8/9)
OEM Mitsubishi Intake Manifold Gasket. OEM Mitsubishi Turbo to Manifold Gasket Mitsubishi OEM Oil Return Line gasket.
Gasket - OEM Valve Cover Spark Well Grommet (DSM/Evo 8/9) Gasket - OEMThrottle Body (Evo 8/9) Gasket Kit - Complete OEM Engine Gasket Kit (Evo 8/9)
Mitsubishi OEM Valve Cover Spark Well Grommets.  (EVO 8/9) Mitsubishi OEM Throttle Body Gasket - EVO 8/9 A complete Mitsubishi (OEM) engine gasket set for the EVO 8/9.
Head Gasket - OEM MLS (Evo 8/9) Ignition -  OEM Coil/Boot (Evo 8/9) OEM - Front Case "Castle Plug" (DSM/Evo 8/9)
Mitsubishi OEM MLS Head Gasket for your Evo 8 or Evo 9. Mitsubishi OEM Ignition Coil/Boot for the EVO 8/9.  Sold Individually. Genuine OEM Mitsubishi Front Case "Castle Plug" for the 4g63 engine.
OEM Mitsubishi Retaining Clips (Evo 8/9) Oil Cap - OEM (DSM/Evo 8/9) Oil Filter Housing - OEM (Evo 8)
OEM Mitsubishi undertray retaining clips. OEM Mitsubishi Oil Cap Mitsubishi OEM EVO 8 Oil Filter Housing.
Oil Filter Housing - OEM (Evo 9) Oil Pan - OEM Mitsubishi (Evo 8/9) Oil Pan - OEM Mitsubishi Strainer (Evo 8/9)
Mitsubishi OEM EVO 9 Oil Filter Housing. OEM Mitsubishi 4G63 EVO 8/9 Oil Pan. OEM Mitsubishi 4G63 EVO 8/9 Oil Pan Strainer.