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**Boostin Performance 1,500+WHP Red Demon Spec Short Block** (DSM/Evo) **Boostin Performance 1/2" L19 4G63 Head Stud Kit** - 1,200WHP+ Red Demon/7 Second Spec (DSM/Evo 8/9) **Boostin Performance Oil Cooler Kit** (DSM/Evo 8/9)
Over the past few years, we have been developing a short block for those looking to build a motor that can withstand the 1,500WHP mark. We're please to introduce our 1,500WHP Red Demon Spec Short Block, which is the answer you high horsepower Mitsu guys have been searching for! Our Boostin Performance 1/2" L19 Head Stud kit is the same one that we use on the 4 Cylinder AWD & H-Pattern Manual Transmission record setting Red Demon, which has run multiple 7 second passes in the 1/4 mile, and numerous 213+mph passes in the 1/2 mile. This BP Head Stud Kit has been tested to 70+ PSI boost pressure without any issue.

Our Boostin Performance Oil Cooler Kit is designed to work on DSM's and Evo's, and is a cost effictive solution when compared to replacing the OEM oil cooler.

**Boostin Performance Ported Stage 3 Cylinder Head** (DSM/Evo 8/9) **Boostin Performance Ported Stock Intake Manifold** (Evo 8/9) **Boostin Performance Stage 2 Cylinder Head** (DSM/Evo 8/9)
Our BP Stage 3 Cylinder Head package has proven itself in some of the most powerful and fastest 4G63's in the country! Ported Stock Evo 8/9 Intake Manifold is the best way to keep your engine bay looking stock, while increasing airflow to the cylinder head.

Our BP Stage 2 Cylinder Head package includes a fully rebuilt cylinder head complete with upgraded Dual Valve Springs and Titanium Retainers.
**Boostin Performance Stage 3 Short Block** (Evo 8/9) - 2.0 Long Rod **Boostin Performance Stage 3 Short Block** (Evo 8/9) - 2.0L **Boostin Performance Stage 3 Short Block** (Evo 8/9) - 2.3L
The foundation of the Boostin Performance Short Block starts with a freshly decked, bored, and honed engine block. The foundation of the Boostin Performance Short Block starts with a freshly decked, bored, and honed engine block. The foundation of the Boostin Performance Short Block starts with a freshly decked, bored, and honed engine block.
**Boostin Performance Transmission Rebuild - 5 Speed (Evo 8/9) *Boostin Performance Race Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit* (4G63/4G64) ACD Reservoir - STM Aluminum ACD Reservoir  (Evo 8/9)
A BP Transmission Rebuild for your Evo 8/9 will take your tired, worn out and notchy transmission, and transform it into a trans that will shift like a dream, hold lots of power, and last for years!! Get rid of your balance shafts without removing a major oil pump support bearing with our Race Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit for your 4G63/4G64! The STM ACD Reservoir for the 2003-2006 Evolution VIII-IX replaces the ugly, factory, plastic tank with this beautiful lightweight, aluminum piece with a mirror polished finish and includes the black cap and stainless allen bolts for a clean and simple install.
Adapter - Vibrant MAF Plate AEM X-Series Boost Gauge 30-0-60 PSI (4BAR) AEM X-Series Boost/Fuel Pressure Gauge 0-15PSI
Vibrant Mass Air Flow Adapter Plate made of Aluminum.
AEM X-Series EGT Gauge 0-1800°F / 0-1000°C AEM X-Series GPS Speedo Gauge 0-160 MPH Angry Aero - Bumper Shutters (Evo 8)
Set of (2) Carbon Fiber Angry Aero bumper shutters for Evo 8.
Angry Aero - Bumper Shutters (Evo 9) Angry Aero - Forward Facing Turbo Block Off Plate (Evo 8/9) Angry Aero - Mirror Deletes (Evo 8/9)
Set of (2) Angry Aero bumper shutters for Evo 9. Angry Aero Forward Facing Turbo Block Off Plate for your Evo 8/9 is designed to help restrict air from entering through the opposite side of the front bumper mesh. This FF Turbo Block Off also helps to protect your forward facing turbo from rocks or other debris that could possibly cause damage to this area of the front bumper.
Set of (2) Angry Aero side mirror deletes for your Evo 8/9.
To be used on TRACK ONLY cars.
Angry Aero - Steering Wheel Air Bag Delete (Evo 8/9) ARP - Custom Age 625+ Cylinder Head Studs (7-bolt DSM/Evo) ARP - Cylinder Head Studs (7-bolt DSM/Evo)
For you weight savings junkies, we're happy to introduce Angry Aero's Evo 8/9 Air Bag Delete, which saves 5 pounds!
ARP Custom Age 625+ Head Studs were designed for all of your 7-bolt DSM or Evo 8/9 race fans pushing 35+ psi. ARP Head Studs are a "must have" modification for any 7-bolt DSM or Evo 8/9 wanting to push 20+psi.
ARP - Main Studs (4G63/4G64) ARP - Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold Studs (7-Bolt DSM/Evo) ARP - Ultra Torque Assembly Lube
ARP2000 Main Stud kit for your 4G63. ARP Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold Stud Kit for the 7-bolt DSM/EVO. ARP Assembly Lube (0.5 Oz) packet.
Axle - Driveshaft Shop 800HP Front Bar Upgrade (Evo 8/9) Axle - Driveshaft Shop 900HP Front (Evo 8/9) Axle / Hub / Diff Stub Kit - Driveshaft Shop 1200HP Rear Pro Level Axle/Hub Kit (Evo 8/9)
The Evo VII / VIII / IX Front axle bar upgrade. These are the Level 2 Front axles for the Evo VII / VIII / IX. This is Driveshaft Shop's Pro Level 1200HP system for the Evolution VII / VIII / IX platform.