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  • Wastegate - Tial MV-R 44mm

    Wastegate - Tial MV-R 44mm

    TiAL MV-R 44mm V-Band Wastegate. The MV-R 44mm wastegate is more compact than any current 44 or 46mm wastegate on the market. You get two top air ports and three bottom air ports for easy install. This unit is a direct bolt on for the V44. High temp...

  • Seal - Tial BOV O-ring

    Seal - Tial BOV O-ring

    This O-ring replaces the O-ring that is included with all Tial Q or QR BOV's, and provides a tight seal to prevent boost leaks.

  • Bracket - STM Black Anodized Radiator (DSM)

    Bracket - STM Black Anodized Radiator (DSM)

    STM Black anodized Radiator Brackets. - 1995-1999 2G DSM - Mitsubishi Eclipse GST & GSX - Eagle Talon TSi STM Black anodized Radiator Brackets are cut from aluminum. Also include the stainless steel allen cap bolts to finish the look. If you drive your...

  • Forced Performance Aluminum Intake Pipe, Forced Performance, Aluminum Intake Pipe, Mitsubishi, DSM, Talon, 1G, 2G, Eclipse, Talon, Laser , Intake Pipe

    Intake - Forced Performance Aluminum Intake Pipe (DSM)

    This 4” diameter aluminum intake pipe is designed to fit nicely into your stock configuration 1G or 2G DSM. The top end is an oval sized opening that mates up to a factory 2G MAF when you use our 4” coupler or to our 9” oval inlet air filter if no MAF is...

  • Wastegate - Tial MV-S 38mm, TiAL MV-S 38mm Wastegate, TiAL Wastegate, 38mm Wastegate, Wastegate, TiAL Wastegate - Tial MV-S 38mm, TiAL MV-S 38mm Wastegate, TiAL Wastegate, 38mm Wastegate, Wastegate, TiAL

    Wastegate - Tial MV-S 38mm

    The MV-S 38mm unit is much more compact than its F38 predecessor - standing only 3.7" in height. The V-Band flanges make installation pain free, the three lower & two upper air ports make connecting pressure sources and boost controllers easy! High temp...

  • SPAL 12" 1328 CFM Fan (DSM/Evo)

    Cooling - SPAL 12" 1328 CFM Fan (DSM/Evo)

    Spal fans are built to meet rigorous cooling requirements. They're durable, reliable, and perfect for your motorcycle, ATV, automotive, and/or oil cooler applications. Spal manufactures these fans from sturdy plastic and they feature a fully sealed...

  • STM FIAV Blockoff Plate (DSM)

    Throttle Body - STM FIAV Blockoff Plate (DSM)

    STM FIAV Bypass Plate. - 1991-1999 1G & 2G DSM The STM Fast Idle Air Valve Bypass Plate is cut from 1/8" aluminum and when sandwiched in the lower half of the throttle body, this blocks the unwanted FIAV passages, allowing you to retain a factory...

  • JMF Race Intake Manifold (DSM) JMF Race Intake Manifold (DSM) JMF Race Intake Manifold (DSM) JMF Race Intake Manifold (DSM)

    JMF Race Intake Manifold (DSM)

    The JMF "RACE" version intake manifold is for the daily driven weekend race warriors who want the best of both worlds, more HP without sacrificing a lot of spool and streetability.  With over 10 years of proven results, our budget friendly "RACE"...

  • BOV - Tial QR

    BOV - Tial QR

    The Tial QR BOV is designed for use on turbo-charged and super-charged applications (Paxton, Vortec, etc.). The body and all internal components of Tial's BOV are CNC-machined from 6061 Aluminum Alloy. The V-Band mounting clamp is made of Stainless Steel...

  • JMF PC680 Battery Tray (DSM/Evo 8/9)

    JMF PC680 Battery Tray (DSM/Evo 8/9)

    If you already have a small battery and just need the mounting kit here is the perfect solution. Designed around the Hawker PC680 battery, the mounting bracket is CNC waterjet cut from 1/8" thick aluminum and utilizes 3 mounting points. The battery tray...

  • Mishimoto Radiator (DSM)

    Radiator - Mishimoto (DSM)

    All Mishimoto performance aluminum radiators are designed and engineered to maximize cooling efficiency, boost engine functions, and most importantly protect your car from the overheating. With its lightweight dual core, 100% brazed aluminum, and...

  • TiAL Q Blow-off Valve BOV - Tial Q

    BOV - Tial Q

    Through countless hours of research and design, Tial has re-designed their signature Tial Q BOV to flow 60% more than the original Tial BOV design - that means 60% more air is blown off per cycle! That is the highest flowing BOV available on the market...

  • Mishimoto X-Line Radiator (DSM)

    Radiator - Mishimoto X-Line (DSM)

    Mishimoto X-Line Performance Aluminum Radiators. - 1G 90-94 DSM - 2G 95-99 DSM The Mishimoto X-Line Performance Aluminum Radiator is designed with 3 rows to maximize cooling efficiency, boost engine functions, and protect your car from overheating. The...

  • Vibrant Classic Air Filter(DSM/Evo 8/9/X) Vibrant Classic Air Filter (DSM/Evo 8/9/X)

    Filter - Vibrant Classic Air Filter (DSM/Evo 8/9/X)

    Vibrant's "Classic" Performance Air Filter feature a premium 4-Ply cotton-gauze filter elements that provide significantly more airflow than a stock filter, while providing excellent filtration of airborne dirt and other particulate that could damage...

  • Koyorad Radiator (2G DSM)

    Radiator - Koyorad Radiator (2G DSM)

    Koyo Aluminum Racing Radiators. 2G 95-99 DSM Koyo Radiators provide 20% to 30% more cooling than standard radiators, handle high revving, high performance motors - perfect for Turbo Charged engines. Made from aircraft quality aluminum and Heli-arc...

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