Well all I can say is that I had a great experience today at boostin performance Cisco and Devin took care off me and my car today I am really happy with the results it's like I have a completely different car I'm very happy I am definitely going back and I will definitely recommend it to anybody Devin is an awesome tuner I can't wait to go back for my E85 tune

Juan Gomez
12 December 2016

At Xtreme Xperience we put cars through the wringer! Each lap of our racetrack driving experience is lead by our Boostin Performance tuned EVO X's, as they command a group of drivers behind them. This means, that our EVO's need to be reliable and efficient to keep the pace on track. Prior to our visit, we saw signs of degradation and inconsistencies in performance, but now they run like clock work for thousands of laps at some of the toughest tracks across America. For that, we credit Boostin Performance, and thank them for working with us in the tight timeframe we required.

In the near future, our 3rd EVO will be headed to the shop, and we're expecting nothing but highest level of professionalism and expertise once again. See you soon!

Xtreme Xperience
25 October 2016

2nd time out in a year to get tuned, on 93 and e85, and both times I had cylinder misfires due to shoddy work by my mechanic (not Boostin). Devin was concerned about the problem like it was his own car and he and his crew found the issue, fixed it fast and went on to provide another great tune! I have a Subaru and been to many Subaru tuners - p&l with junior and Jorge-Rex-,grd with Tuan and Andrew,6star,amp, none of them comes close to Devin's work!! Car is very fast and reliable in the cold months. Thanks again Devin and without a doubt, Cisco and the rest of the Boostin team.

tim otoole
29 July 2016

This was my first time at BOOSTIN, and after talking with Cisco, it gave me the confidence to seek their services for my 05 STI. After arriving, first impressions were big! These guys and Mary Beth are nice and polite - they teched my vehicle and dynoed it. My car was beastly & beautiful at the same damn time! My ride was tuned and running like a monster 4real. After this, I'm changing the turbo,header,tmic to FMIC,radiator and will return for more power!! I don't like decals on my car, but I proudly display the Boostin Performance decals and let everyone know how great they are. I tell people this " show me ur dyno sheet" ! Thanx JM RONIN STI

5 July 2016

Boostin Performance is a great place to take your ride, when you're looking for that peak power that you've been waiting for. Devin an his team took great care of my Galant VR4, an definitely gave it the added boost that it had been craving for!! Even during the inspection of the car, they pointed out key items that needed some tweaking and definitely made the car feel as if it was brand new. Thanks to Boostin Performance, I could never get enough of the vr4 power!

Justin feliciano
25 May 2016

I have taken my evo to boostin a few times now and I always leave happy. They are very knoledgeable and more importantly, professional. I have taken my car to other "performance" shops and after dealing with boostin, I'll never go back. They are very straight forward with pricing and the specification of work to be performed. They provide professionally typed out invoices for all the work and they stand by the work they perform. I'm going to be taking my car in today for some tuning and can't wait to see the results. A++

23 May 2016

I recently had my 1g dsm in at Boostin for a return as I switched turbos. Cisco and everyone up front were great in getting everything ready and keeping me updated on everything. Devin gave me a great tune, as he does every time I've been in.
Great shop, would recommend to anyone!

11 April 2016

Had my evo 9 mr tuned here back on in October 2014. Car is still running fantastic and everything was done well. Had some issues and it was all addressed and I received a call before any decisions were made. This was comforting and I was super satisfied. Due to the crappy 6 speed the car was tuned to be safe and a everyday great driver. Over the past year it drove great and does. 330hp/350tq on a stock turbo at 25psi. Cisco was fantastic at customer service as well as Kristin who was great and kept me updated as well. Devin of course did his work and I am super happy with the car. Now my clutch is slipping, too much fun on the stock clutch but I will most likely be coming in for that and a 5 speed swap soon!

Krzysztof Radamski
26 January 2016

Where to start? I have two Turbo Mitsubishis, A 2000 Mitsubishi Galant with a built 4g64 and an 05 Evo8 as a daily driver. Devin tunes both of them. I recently bought the EVO 8 from a fella in Chicago with a few mods on it including an HKS SSQV blow off valve that was vented to atmosphere and has been sitting for a couple of years. Drove OK up until about the cold weather started happening. On one of the below zero days, I went to leave for work, and then after a few miles of driving I started to notice that the injectors wouldnt shut off on deceleration and that once the car hit boost it would stay pig rich (10.0 on wideband) after the throttle was closed and break up and stumble upon trying to drive normal again. I limped it home and called off of work and immediately called Boostin Performance. They dont open until 8am but when I called at 7:45 they answered and were able to get me the help I needed. That same day, the Boostin crew was able to get me a recirculated TiAL BOV and the flange welded onto my UICP so I could get the car back to driving for the week as I use it for work. Once the BOV was installed, the car drove, but it did not drive very smooth and was very lean during boost at about half throttle (14.8 to 15.5 at about 10-11psi), thankfully boostin was able to set me up for a tune on Saturday the 23rd. Once we were in for the tune, Devin had informed me of a leak at the turbo J-pipe and that a Grimmspeed 3port boost controller would work best for my application (spirited daily driving). After about an hour I was hearing my car make awesome sounds through the shop door as Devin worked his magic with the tune. An hour or so later, I was watching my car make a few pulls on the dyno. The car made 309whp and 302 wtq with only HKS272 cams and a few bolt ons on the stock turbo and stock injectors. I was very happy with the numbers and the car sounded very healthy at WOT on the dyno. On the way home, the first thing I notice is how smooth the car drives. It no longer felt sluggish and the transition between going into boost, cruising, idling down, and deceleration is VERY smooth. The car felt real happy to say the least. Not to mention it MOVES at WOT. I am very happy with the results and I truly believe Boostin Performance brought this car back to life. I have been going to Boostin Performance since I first turbocharged my Galant and Devin was tuning in their first location in Addison. They have grown to become the BEST Mitsubishi shop in the area if not the country. Devin is the BEST tuner in the business in my honest opinion. My Galant is a basket case most of the time and once Devin gets his hands on her he is able to tame her to work flawlessly. I will never trust my cars in anyone elses hands but Boostin Performance and I will always keep coming back. If you drive an EVO/STi this is the ONLY place you need to go!!!

Jigz Zshornack (Flojo)
25 January 2016

I just bought a 2005 Evo 8. Figured id bring it by for them to do a vehicle inspection and fluid swap. Good thing they recommended a boost leak check because there was one and they took care of it in a very timely manner. Everyone was very nice and helpful answering any and all questions that I had. I will be back ASAP for a tune and more services down the road. Thanks again for everything.

matt murphy
13 January 2016

Not enough can be said about this shop. Fantastic customer service with knowledgable staff that strive for excellence. I brought my '12 evo 10 there on Dec 15, 2015 for a ref lash and 3 port install and what can I say....early Christmas present indeed!! Thorough inspection, boost leak test, and Devin worked his magic !! The car ran like a dog prior to this and now I am enjoying having had a solid, safe and healthy powered tune from Devin and the crew at Boostin performance. Thank you guys for the time and effort you put into each car and customer. Like I said, not enough can be said !!

Jared Kramer
30 December 2015

Devin and the Boostin Performance crew did an amazing job repairing and tuning my 95 GS-T! Thanks to the extremely thorough inspection Devin found a bad wheel bearing, multiple boost leaks, and an electrical connector that wasn't plugged into the right sensor. Having fixed all my issues another inspection was done and once it all looked good my car was warmed up and went on the dyno! Devin squeezed way more power than I anticipated out of my 2.3L stroker and the car has never ran better. The waiting area is relaxing, the shop is clean, and the employees are very kind. I would definitely bring my car and a few doggy treats (for the shop dog "Boost") in a heartbeat! Thank you, guys! Can't wait to get future work done!

20 December 2015

Cisco and the crew just took me thru a Stage 2 + Cobb install and dyno tune on my 09 STI. Now that was one of the most right on pieces of business I've done in some time. They exceeded my expectations for personal service, lead time, work time and results. Along with a ton of previously un-discovered power, the car is sooo drivable now. Excellent response, really smooth, fast and it sounds great....Like a completely different car. Be back for more soon,,,,Thanks

Michael Steven
12 December 2015

My Evo 8 was not running right, so I got tune and some work done, runs on e85, great job and car is running way better and much quicker than before the tune. Thanks!!! The work was all explained very well and clean, although I do a lot of work myself, the injectors and other small repairs were done right and quick. I will be getting more work done here in the future seeing the techs here know DSM motors very well. Thanks!!!

Robert Acerrano
30 October 2015

Had the 60k and a Cobb tune done on my 2008 Evo. Everything about these cars is pricey, but these guys def give you your moneys worth. Cisco has amazing customer service and keeps you up to date throughout the process. Made a huge difference in performance, so props to the guys in the back. As long as I am in the area, they will be the only ones touching my car!

Beau Bostwick
13 October 2015