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**Boostin Performance CNC Ported Stage 3 Cylinder Head** (R35 GT-R) **Boostin Performance Stage 2 Short Block** (R35 GT-R) - 3.8L **Boostin Performance Stage 3 Short Block** (R35 GT-R) - 3.8L / 4.1L
Our BP Stage 3 Cylinder Head package has proven itself in our daily driven 8-second record holding (Alpha 10 & Alpha 12) GT-R, and this same CNC porting program has been used in some of the fastest GT-R's in the world! The foundation of the Boostin Performance Short Block starts with a freshly decked and honed engine block. This is the same short block that powers our record-setting Alpha 10 / Alpha 12 equipped GT-R, which has run a best of 8.15 @ 174MPH! The foundation of the Boostin Performance Short Block starts with a freshly decked and honed engine block.  This is the same short block that powers our record-setting Alpha 16 equipped GT-R, which has run a best of 7.54 @ 192MPH!
ARP - Custom Age 625+ Cylinder Head Studs (R35 GT-R) ARP - Ultra Torque Assembly Lube BPR Stage 1 Performance Package (R35 GT-R)
ARP Custom Age 625+ Head Studs for the GT-R. ARP Assembly Lube (0.5 Oz) packet.
The BPR stage 1 Package increases power of your stock GTR 90 WHP and 80 WTQ.
BPR Stage 2 Performance Package (R35 GT-R) Bracket - Alpha Performance A/C Delete Kit (R35 GT-R) Cams - GSC Power Division Billet S2 (R35 GT-R)
Our BPR Stage 2 Package increases the power output of your stock GTR and extra 140 WHP and 160 WTQ!! The Alpha R35 GT-R A/C Delete Kit allows for removal of the compressor, lines and condenser for a weight savings of over 20 lbs! GSC Power Division Billet Stage 2 Cams for your R35 GT-R.
Cams - Kelford 231 (R35 GT-R) Catch Can - Alpha Performance Air/Oil Separator Kit (R35 GT-R) Catch Can - T1 Race Development Air/Oil Separator Kit (R35 GT-R)
Cams - Kelford 231 (R35 GT-R)
Our Price: $1,519.05
Kelford 231 Cams for your R35 GT-R.
The Alpha Performance GT-R Air/Oil Separator is designed to remove oil vapor from your VR38's crankcase before it ends up in your intake tubes and combustion chamber. The GT1R CNC Air/Oil Separator (AOS) is a maintenance free solution that's been proven in the most extreme conditions, ethanol fueled engines making over 1500hp.  T1 designed this AOS with detailed internal passages and a two stage separation system.
Crankshaft - OEM (R35 GT-R) Filter Adapter - Alpha Performance Race Oil Filter Adapter (R35 GT-R) Head Gasket - HKS Set (R35 GT-R)
Crankshaft - OEM (R35 GT-R)
Our Price: $1,324.70
OEM Nissan GT-R (R35) Crankshaft.
The Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Race Oil Filter Adapter was designed for use in high RPM and high horsepower racing and street applications. Allows for the use of a quality racing oil filter in the stock location to protect your GT-R's engine even in the harshest conditions. HKS Head Gasket Set for the R35 GT-R.
Oil Pan - GT1R CNC  (R35 GT-R) Oil Pump - OEM (R35 GT-R) Plate - T1 EGR Block Off (R35 GT-R)
Oil Pump - OEM (R35 GT-R)
Our Price: $1,100.00
Most very high performance applications use a dry sump oiling system. Unfortunately changing the VR38 over to a dry sump oiling system is a very big and expensive job, so it’s not ideal for many people. The GT1R CNC oil pan and pickup adapter is a great alternative. OEM Nissan GT-R (R35) Oil Pump.
Secondary air pump block off plate (pair).
Rods - Manley I Beam "Turbo Tuff" Connecting Rods (R35 GT-R) Rods - Manley I Beam Pro Series TT Connecting Rods (R35 GT-R) Serpentine Belt - HKS Fine Tune V-Belt/7PK2109  (R35 GT-R)
Manley Pro Series connecting rods are forged from aircraft quality 4340 vacuum degassed material. Manley Pro Series I Beam TT connecting rods. HKS Fine-Tune Serpentine belt the R35 GT-R.
Timing - OEM Camshaft Tensioners (R35 GT-R) Timing - OEM Primary Tensioner (R35 GT-R) Timing Chain - OEM Camshaft (R35 GT-R)
OEM Nissan GT-R (R35) Timing Chain Camshaft Tensioner.
OEM Nissan GT-R (R35) Primary Timing Chain Tensioner
OEM Nissan GT-R (R35) Camshaft Timing Chain.
Timing Chain - OEM Chain - Primary (R35 GT-R) Valve Springs - Supertech Dual Valve Springs w/ Retainers (R35 GT-R)
OEM Nissan GT-R (R35) Primary Timing Chain.
Supertech Dual Valve Springs with Retainers kit for your R35 GT-R.