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**Boostin Performance CNC Ported Stage 3 Cylinder Head** (R35 GT-R) **Boostin Performance Stage 3 Short Block** (R35 GT-R) - 3.8L BPR Stage 1 Performance Package (R35 GT-R)
Our BP Stage 3 Cylinder Head package has proven itself in our daily driven 8-second record holding (Alpha 10 & Alpha 12) GT-R, and this same CNC porting program has been used in some of the fastest GT-R's in the world! The foundation of the Boostin Performance Short Block starts with a freshly decked and honed engine block.  This is the same short block that powers our record-setting Alpha 10 / Alpha 12 equipped GT-R, which has run a best of 8.15 @ 174MPH! The BPR stage 1 Package increases power of your stock GTR 90 WHP and 80 WTQ.
BPR Stage 2 Performance Package (R35 GT-R) Wheels - Alpha Performance 15" Drag Wheel/Slick Combo (R35 GT-R) Wheels - Alpha Performance 17" Drag Wheel/Slick Combo (R35 GT-R)
Our BPR Stage 2 Package increases the power output of your stock GTR and extra 140 WHP and 160 WTQ!! The Alpha Performance R35 GT-R 15" Drag Wheel & Slick Package was designed to be a much better solution than other drag radial or street tire options. Having the right wheel & tire setup for your R35 GT-R not only improves consistency and performance at the drag strip, it’s also one of the most important purchases you can make to ensure the safety of your GT-R’s expensive transmission and drivetrain. If you are serious about ¼ mile drag racing, it is certainly in your best interest to consider investing in a set of drag slicks for your GT-R.