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A BP Transmission Rebuild for your Evo X will take your tired, worn out and notchy transmission, and transform it into a trans that will shift like a dream, hold lots of power, and last for years!! These are the Level 5 Direct Fit Axles for the Evo X with the Shepherd Racing rear differential conversion. These are the Level 5 direct bolt-in rear axles for the EVO X.
AMS EVO X 5 Speed Gate Selector Bushing Kit is made to eliminate shifter play and give a tighter feel providing precise gear changes. Torque Solution Shifter Base Bushings for your 2008+ Evo X. Torque Solution Shifter Cable Bushing kit for your 2008-2009 Evo X.
Torque Solution Solid Differential Bushing for your 2008+ Evo X MR & GSR. Torque Solution Solid Differential Bushing with Urethane Inserts for your 2008+ Evo X MR & GSR. ACT Clutch Alignment Tool
ACT's Monoloc Collar one-piece construction eliminates the collar snap ring from bending or popping out of place, which typically leads to clutch failure or severe pressure plate damage. Exedy Wave Lock Retaining Clip for your Evo 8/9.

The Problem is the original plastic clutch master cylinder on the Mitsubishi Evo X was not engineered to handle the increased pressure exerted by higher strength racing clutches. The original which is made of plastic, can break when under normal use or even moreso when combined with with an aftermarket clutch eventually splits leaving you stranded without a clutch.

OEM Evo Throw Out Bearing (Release Bearing).

ACT's 2100 "Heavy Duty" Clutch Kits provide a smooth, stock-like pedal feel, and include a one-piece Monoloc Collar designed to provide uniform load on the bearing and pressure plate. **Available in Street Disc, 4-puck, and 6-puck configurations. Competition Clutch Stage 2 Street Series 2100 Clutch Kit is designed for aggressive street use and moderate track use.
Competition Clutch Stage 3 Street Series 2600 Clutch Kit is the ultimate street clutch available on the market, designed for those who need quick but smooth engagement points at high RPM's.

Competition Clutch Stage 4 Strip Series Clutch Kit is designed for those seeking easy gear transition for their high horsepower track-driven Evo's.

Competition Clutch Stage 5 Strip Series 4-puck Clutch Kit is designed for the ultimate high horsepower racing applications.
*Not intended for street use.

Competition Clutch Twin Disc Clutch Kits provide the most economical racing clutch available for the active sport compact enthusiast. Delivering uncompromised reliability and performance for all uses/needs (street, drag, etc), this clutch kit is the preferred choice for many professional racers. Designed for high-powered applications, Exedy's Triple Disc Clutch Kits are a perfect fit for those wanting performance for both track and street use. Designed for high-powered applications, Exedy's Twin Disc Clutch Kits are a perfect fit for those wanting performance for both track and street use.
The new Quarter MasterĀ® clutch utilizes eight integral steel hardened legs to provide a much longer lifespan than one-piece aluminum covers where the floater and pressure plates have a tendency to wear into the drive legs.
STM's Evo 8/9 Clutch Fork Stop is designed to stop the clip on your clutch from popping out due to fast, hard shifting. Eliminate this issue from happening on your multi-plate clutch, and pick up a Clutch Fork Stop today! If you just have the stock clutch, do any sort of autocross or racing events, this AMS clutch line kit will improve your pedal feel!
The STM Evo X Clutch Line features a braided, stainless steel construction with a smooth, teflon coating to keep your engine bay free of scratches. This is a direct replacement for the squishy, factory rubber hose and will give you a smoother, stiffer pedal feel. These are Driveshaft Shop's aluminum drive shafts for the EVO X. These are Driveshaft Shop's carbon fiber drive shafts for the EVO X.
ACT Streetlite and Prolite flywheels are designed for improving engine response and accelaeration, with a lightweight desgin.
*The Prolite flywheel option is recommended for high horsepower race use only.
Competition Clutches Ultra Lightweight Steel Flywheel is recommended for forced induction and/or track and rally racing applications. Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel for the Evo X.