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Boost Control Solenoid Kit. Includes everything needs for quick installation. Electronic Boost Controller for your Evo 8/9/X.

Manual Boost Controller for your DSM/Evo.
**Variety of color options available.
BOV - OEM (EVO 8/9)
Our Price: $230.00
BOV - Tial Q
Our Price: $263.00
BOV - Tial QR
Our Price: $263.00
Mitsubishi OEM Blow-off Valve (BOV) for  the EVO 8/9 The  re-designed Tial Q BOV bolts right up to any standard Tial flange, so you can upgrade your BOV without having to re-weld! Tial QR BOV is the more compact recirculating BOV on the market. The recirculation port on this BOV uses the standard Tial V-band flange, and can be converted into a standard Q BOV by swapping the bottom piece.
Everything you need to bolt your turbo to the FP Evo 9 Manifold. Exhaust hardware for a 6/7Bolt DSM or Evo. Forced Performance's Evo Race Manifold is a direct replacement for the Evo 4-9.

**Due to price frequent price fluctuations, please contact us for accurate pricing and availability.**
Forced Performance created two very useful inline oil filters. These filters are color coded for their orifice diameter. The black filter is used in ball bearing applications and has a .030" restrictor, while the Red filter is .125" for full flow journal bearing turbos. Big End Fitting; 45 Degree Bend. Big End Fitting; 90 Degree Bend.
Flange - Tial BOV
Our Price: $30.00
Big End Fitting; Cap Big End Straight Fitting. Tial BOV flanges available in mild steel, aluminum, or stainless steel.
Mitsubishi EVO 8/9 OEM Downpipe Gasket. OEM Mitsubishi Turbo to Manifold Gasket OEM Mitsubishi J-Pipe for the EVO 9.
Seal - Tial BOV O-ring
Our Price: $6.00
Spring - Tial BOV
Our Price: $29.00
Replacement Tial BOV O-ring.
Replacement Tial BOV springs designed to work with all Tial BOV models. Looking for an inexpensive way to upgrade your Evo turbo chrager?  This is the option for you!  This 71HTA CHRA will replace your existing turbo!
Forced Performance is proud to announce the debut of their 100% brand new, patent pending, dual ceramic ball bearing design within the FP BLACK Turbocharger for the Lancer Evolution 4-9 vehicles. Forced Performance is proud to announce the debut of their 100% brand new, patent pending, dual ceramic ball bearing design within the FP GREEN Turbocharger. Forced Performance has re-released their Red Ball Bearing Turbocharger to include their recently debuted new Xona Series CHRA. The FP RED Turbocharger has been through evolution after evolution, and has just gotten better with time and is regarded as one of the best street/strip turbos you can buy (and with good reason)!
Forced Performance debuts the new Xona Series CHRA with the Zephyr turbocharger.  This CHRA features billet stainless steel construction which allows for better corrosion resistance and reduces heat conduction into the bearing section.  Zephyr features a 70 lb/min flow rating. Forced Performance debuts the new Xona series CHRA with the release of the Ball Bearing ZERO Turbocharger.  This CHRA features larger water jackets and stainless steel construction, which allows for improved corrosion resistance and reduced heat conduction into the bearing section.  Features a flow rating of 75 lbs/min. This is the 3rd largest turbo in Forced Performance's HTA lineup. It is not for the faint of heart! It has a flow rating of 90 lb/min and good for over 900WHP on a well setup car.
The largest turbocharger in the current HTZ lineup, this turbo has a flow rating of 115 lb/min!  Forced Performance took a genuine GT42R cartrage and gave it the HTZ treatment to turn it into this monster of a turbo. With a flow rating of 95 lb/min, updated aero, and a larger frame ball bearing CHRA, this turbo is capable of some serious power.  It has propelled the Demon to an 8.4 in the quarter! Forced Performance's largest T3-framed ball bearing turbo to date!  If you are looking for 1000HP without moving up to a T4, then this is the turbo for you!  This turbocharger features a flow rating of 103 lbs/min.